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Can Vibration Traction Therapy Increase Disc Height? A Case Series Review

This case series investigates the potential of a multimodal chiropractic rehabilitation program, with a focus on vibration traction therapy, to influence disc height in patients suffering from lumbar disc pathologies. While spinal decompression therapy is often promoted as a non-surgical solution for disc-related issues, research specifically examining its impact on disc parameters is limited. The […]

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Whole-Body Vibration Training: Exercise Alternative for Strength and Mobility

Introduction Maintaining mobility becomes increasingly challenging as we age, or when facing conditions like Parkinson’s disease, sarcopenia, or osteoporosis. While exercise is crucial for combating these issues, it can feel daunting for those with limited mobility. Enter whole-body vibration training – a promising alternative offering similar benefits. How Whole-Body Vibration Training Works This innovative approach […]

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